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How to Decorate your Wedding Tent

With spring and summer right around the corner its time to bring out the tents for your special day! A wedding tent is a fantastic way to bring your love of the great outdoors and your big day together.

With all this warm weather approaching, outdoor weddings are in full swing! But if we have one tip of advice for an outdoor wedding, it’s to have a tent, for two reasons. First off, the weather is unpredictable and you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of a thunderstorm as it ruins all of your hard work and decoration! And secondly, there are so many different things you can do with a wedding tent to make it that unique style wedding that suits you to a ‘T’! Think of it like a blank canvas. A giant white box ready for you to come in give it your personal touch. Whether it’s having amazing draping with chandeliers, to having a clear top so that you can dance under the stars with your sweetheart, the possibilities are endless.

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Some things to keep in mind when choosing your wedding tent decor…

  • Add colorAs you know, tents typically come in one color, white. Boring, right!? Add color with drapes or ribbon to spice it up a little and bring your tent to life. There are just endless possibilities!
  • Lighting is key – There’s a lot of wasted space up in the peaks of those tends, so use it to your advantage. Whether you choose crystal chandeliers, Japanese paper lanterns, or hundreds of twinkle lights, the lighting you choose is going to really set the tone of the inside of the tent.
  • Overboard on floral – You can use floral in so many aspects of the tent. Greenery draped on the walls, floral chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and over the top centerpieces to your table. Tents are a large space and if you tie it all in together with floral, it will create breathtaking decor, and smell nice too 😉

If you’re special day is going to have a wedding tent and you need some advice, set up a design consultation with us, we would love to lend a helpful hand!

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