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Vendors We Love – Lilly Photography

Visions had the pleasure of having a Q & A with the amazing Jiho Park of Lilly Photography.

Finding a perfect vendor in the big city of Chicago is no easy challenge. That’s why Visions has made it a priority to focus in on the vendors that we love and adore – to make your job a little easier! Jiho Park, owner and photographer of Lilly Photography, is one of the top wedding photographers in the Chicago area. With his studies in art, he knows exactly what to look for when taking pictures that will be cherished for a lifetime. I had the pleasure of talking with him about his wonderful business and I’m so glad I got to get to know him a little better!

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Meet Jiho…

Visions: What steps do you take to really get to know each couple and what they’re looking for in a photographer?

Jiho: First I meet up with the clients and they tell me their story about how they met and how he popped the question and all that other good stuff. I let them do this first before we talk about anything to do with photography because I know that they’ve already stalked me and look at my work. Our first meeting is kind of like speed dating, you decide if it’s a good fit after the first impressions are made.
Visions: Is there one essential piece of information you need from the bride and groom to really do your job right?
Jiho: A good timeline is essential to making the right preparations for the big day. I am not a photographer that sits there and plans out each shot I want to get, I like to go with the flow and let the pictures happen.


Visions: Where do you think the photography world is going to go in the next few years?
Jiho: I think that photographers are going to start incorporating video into their business. Couples are looking more for that HD quality video and if photographers can somehow incorporate that into their packages that might bring in some great business.
Visions: What makes your photography service the best?
Jiho: I love to do wide shots! I studied art so I know where to look for great lines and patterns in a shot. I love having beautiful wide angles to incorporate couples into.
Visions: Do you see any trends that are happening in the photo world?

Jiho: The retro and vintage trend seems to be pretty popular right now, but like all trends it will fade. It’s not my top choice for photography style, but couples seem to love it.

Visions: Any special promotions or “goings on” at Lilly Photography?

Jiho: I just recently posted a new package I am thinking about doing on Facebook. My idea is that instead of giving the bridal an album of pictures, I will give her shoes that she can wear on the day of and I can take great shots with. I have also been working with Jenee for an October wedding special where we have an event and all the proceeds go to The Breast Cancer Foundation and one lucky bride gets a pink wedding! One other thing I’ve been working on is doing a package for profile headshots for people who are on online dating sites looking for love. It all starts with that first impression and that first date and what better way to start it off than with a great picture that showcases your personality.

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