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The Difference Between Wedding Vendors

Newsflash: Not every wedding vendor is the same. You get exactly what you pay for.

When working with our brides, a common question we get asked when searching through wedding vendors is, “Well what’s the difference?” This question usually knocks us off our feet because there is a HUGE difference. Every single vendor has their own unique style and their own idea of perfection. You really need to do your research and find out exactly what pricing and style suits you and the ball and chain.

But if we are being blunt, even that isn’t enough. How do you really know that you are hiring someone that is going to be professional and care about you as though they are planning their own wedding?….YOU DON’T! There is no way to know, referrals can only go so far and especially if you are hiring from a vendor that sub-contract their work out.  There are two main types of wedding industry vendors, independents and what I call factories, companies that have tons and tons of sub-contractors that work for them.  I am going to give you an insiders point of view on wedding vendors that you may not here any where else.

the difference between wedding vendors

The pro’s and the con’s of wedding vendors…

The Independents/Boutiques-

While these companies are owned and for the most part operated under the heading of one person, it goes so much further than personalized attention.  These people have a passion for the weddings  like no other, most of the time they consider themself far more than just vendors, they are artist.  They put all their creative efforts into making your vision come to life for your wedding.  You often times have the peace of mind knowing the person you originally contact is the person at your wedding photographing or designing flowers.  The downside to these vendors are they sometimes come at a higher price point.  They take pride in their service, their creative design, and their custom work that they can’t possibly compete with the factories in the industry.

I would say when dealing with these vendors you will not walk away with a sense of regret.  You get what you pay for, and they are worth every penny.

The Factories-

Let me say for the record that for Visions I do intend to have more than just myself servicing brides.  I envision for my five year plan to have a team of consultants that work closely with me to give the same level of service that I am currently giving to my brides today.  While I see the desire to grow a company, I am referring to factories as companies that sub-contract out work to photographers, videographers and the like that you don’t get a personalized service.  These companyies typically sit down with you with a sales representative (hint, hint, they are good at sales) and walk you through your day in regards to their services.  You would look through a catalog of their work and pick out the best “style” that fits your needs.  Typically speaking you don’t get to sit down with the person who will be working with on your wedding until day of.  For this reason, it saddens me to see brides that are not comfortable in front of the camera because it literally is a stranger behind the camera.

Now onto the advances of the factories, these companies often are at a lower price point, because their service is not at the same standard.  I have heard many stories from people who have worked previously for these factories that the employess simply don’t care about the weddings because it isn’t their business.  I think a lot of us can relate to this, I know my best work has been with Visions because it is my business.  It’s sad to say it but many brides that have gone this route have sworn up and down they would have paid the extra money because the service was not what they expected.

These two categories make up for the majority of the industry but some other things to look at before you sign on the dotted line…

  • Meet with the person you will be working with day of before the event.  Personalities are everything and even if someone creates the most beautiful flowers, if they treat you as though you are beneath them, MOVE ON!  You are the bride, you should be treated as such, and no matter what status someone has or how many weddings they have done, you need to feel comfortable with the vendor you are working with.
  • Budgets do matter, when choosing a vendor take into consideration that they may be higher priced because these are the clients that they are used to servicing.  There is value in their $6,000 wedding package because they have clients buying it.  Refocus to a vendor that is more in your budget as well as style.  You don’t to break the bank and miss out on your dream dress to have an awesome photographer.
  • Budgets do matter, I have to repeat this only because I want to stress that if you are choosing a florist that quotes you for flowers at $500 you are going to get $500 worth of flowers, and I highly don’t recommend cutting corners on the important stuff.
  • Now regarding experience, while it is important to have someone that knows what they are doing, you have to think of experience as a timetable, the more experience, the more likely you are going to find someone that is stuck in the 80’s.  All joking aside you will find more traditional styles with vendors that have been around the longest.  If you find someone you love that has only been open a few years chances are they are up on the current trends and what is going on in weddings today.

At the end of the day you want to make sure you contract out professional vendors, that give you an experience that is unforgettable!  This is your wedding you deserve it!

Take a look tomorrow on how to create your wedding budget, brides often get sticker shock on how much things really cost.  We will go line by line in a brides budget to show the average costs in the industry.


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