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How To Choose Your Wedding Venue

Your newly engaged and ready to plan your wedding! Now what?  BOOK YOUR WEDDING VENUE!

Most venues are booked at least a year in advance if not two, so allow yourself time to research your wedding venue options as well as a time frame of their availability!  Don’t expect they will have a date open in three months.  Start planning now!


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Sitting down with your fiance and just talking about the vision that you two see for your wedding is the best start. There are several categories that you should be aware of when searching for your dream wedding venue.



This is the most important aspect of  choosing your venue. Obviously, don’t even look at wedding venues that are out of your price point. You and your fiance should predetermine what budget you have set aside for the venue or sit down with your parents who may be paying for the wedding venue.  Don’t forget the extras in a wedding budget such as taxes and gratuity, sometimes they are included in the price and sometimes they are not.


There are many styles of wedding venues out there anything from modern chic to vintage and romantic.  You have to make sure that your perfect wedding venue is the style you have been envisioning. Don’t settle for something that doesn’t fit your style and vision of your wedding day. Style is just as important as everything else.  Take our Style Quiz  to find out what your style is.  Your venue sets the stage for all other style aspects of your wedding such as your dress, the flowers, etc.

Venue Availability

The first question you should ask a venue is if your date is available.  You don’t want to make an appointment, fall in love with the venue and then find out your date is not available.  If you are flexible on your date, ask for their open Saturday’s within the month you are looking for.

If personalized attention and close detail are very important to you and your fiance, consider hiring a wedding planner to implement all these details as venues often don’t take on all you think they would. You will find that certain styles of venue will host more than one wedding a day, if that’s what you want than go for it.  If you like being taken care of and have one-on-one attention, find a venue that only allow one wedding per day.

Going along with what I mentioned above, services & staff will make or break your experience. You may have a much better experience at a venue that only caters to your wedding.  Staff will be more accommodating and willing to help because they are focused on you and your groom.

Fun Fact

This may or may not help you but its worth a shot. Making a Pro/Con list is always a good way to sort out details of each venue and make your decision a little bit easier, especially if you are stuck between two venues and cannot decide.

Finding that dream wedding venue is the best part, now you have your venue and you can start planning the rest of your wedding!

Struggling to find your dream Chicago wedding venue? Look no further, Visions offers a Venue Tour Session where we can help make your ideal wedding venue a reality!


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