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Unique Wedding Favors

Many brides will come to me and ask if they should cut favors out of their budget due to the fact that most ideas are not unique enough for the guests to enjoy the gift.

I recommend looking into the style of the wedding as well as the personality of you as a couple to see what unique wedding favors would compliment the table and leave your guests enjoying their gift.

We dug and found some fun and unique favors for all sorts of weddings.

Customize your gifts! Having unique favors may not only leave a lasting impression, but make your guest feel special. Express your thoughts and creativity with the guests in mind. Yes this day is about you, but this is your time to show to them your appreciation for their support.

 Don’t think you have to wow your guests with an outrageous and costly gift.

Presentation is key. Simple things like candles,fruit or simple buttons can create a wedding favor that not only sits on the tables at the reception, but one that will sit on their dressers at home.  What are some of the best wedding favors you have seen at a wedding, we would love to hear some answers.

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