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Winter Proposal Ideas

In Chicago we have winter proposal ideas all around us!

It’s January, you want to get the ring on her finger ASAP, it’s literally burning a hole in your pocket!  But what could you plan in the dead of winter that would be a romantic proposal?  We have good news: it’s winter, which means it’s one of the most romantic seasons for just this thing.  Don’t believe us, take a look at all of winter proposal images that pop up in a GOOGLE search!

Winter Proposal Ideas

What is it that you see over and over again??  A couple embracing in the snow, it’s picture perfect, and girls LOVE it!  A close second is standing in the rain and kissing, but that’s another season all together.  I know women don’t always make sense but this one is super simple.

Find a picturesque field or park with a fresh bed of snow and you are golden.  Add her dream ring, and you have yourself a dream winter proposal in Chicago.  Now, I must say that this only works with a very specific girl, and you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t think she was up for a stroll in the dead of winter in a park.

May I suggest an indoor private hotel proposal for the bride to be that isn’t one to take strolls in the dead of winter.  We have a package at Visions called the “Bachelor Proposal”, I know, I know you are sick of watching the show with your girlfriend but it’s a perfect solution for the girl that wants to get all dressed up and have a final rose ceremony for her proposal.

Give us a call today to set up your “Bachelor Proposal” in as little as two days!! Now that is a fast turnaround to get that ring out of your pocket and onto her finger!

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