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As the groom-to-be, your involvement in this step is so important, don’t worry though, we have streamlined this session to be quick and easy,  going through every detail with a Visions planner.  Through a brainstorming session we utilize our Groom’s Questionnaire to create a platform for our customized proposal concepts.  We strategize with you on ideas you may already have, gather information to gain a clear perception on two of you as a couple.  We will gain insight into such things as how you met, your favorite dates, things you enjoy doing as a couple as well as analyzing the bride-to- be’s expectations for the proposal. This whole step is to simply collect information needed for the next phase in which all the creation takes place.



This is where the magic happens, where the white board literally takes on a life of its own by the information we have collected from you.  We conceptualize three unique proposal concepts; these aren’t just ideas, they are fully planned proposals that have been designed for you and are planned out regarding to logistics such as venue availability, vendor interaction, and product implementation.   We not only come up with the where, the who, and the when, but we also come up with cover up concepts to help with guiding your girlfriend to the proposal without her suspecting a thing.




Rest assured this plan is where you sit back and relax. With the ideas in place, the next step is to implement the final proposal concept, you can leave all the behind the scene work to Visions. Not only do you have a timeline in place, vendors are managed, contracts negotiated and reviewed by Visions, but we are present the day of the event. What this means to you is you get to show up and look wonderful knowing that setup is complete, everyone is where they need to be and wait for your bride-to-be to arrive. No need to worry if the flowers are going to show up on time, or if the photographer knows exactly where he is suppose to be when. You have the peace of mind knowing you have a professional planner managing all event details.