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Something Old, Something New: Some Proposal Traditions Never Fade

Some proposal traditions will never go out of style. Although there are some proposal trends that change every few years, there are proposal traditions which will always be more than just the latest ... READ the POST

How to Choose Where to Propose

One of the most important parts of the proposal: location, location, location! One major detail to have covered for popping the question is the location. We know choosing exactly where to propose is ... READ the POST

Proposal After Party: Do or Don’t

Planning your proposal? Have you considered surprising your fiance with an after-party with all your friends and family? Today we’ll be talking about what exactly a proposal after-party is, and offer ... READ the POST

Revisiting The Engagement Spot

Remember the moment, the moment she said YES? Whether it happened last month, last year, or decades ago, you've probably told the story more times than you can count. Do you remember the excitement, ... READ the POST

Proposals: Public or Private

The Pro’s and Con’s to Public and Private Proposals.... When it comes to deciding how you're going to propose, you really have to take into account the personality of yourself and your future fiancée. ... READ the POST

Are you ready to propose?

Do you know the signs? You know you can't live without her, but are you ready to propose?  E-Harmony breaks down the reality of this life changing decision, into 12 very practicle ways to know ... READ the POST

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